Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Losing Weight...

I have been dieting and exercising for a few days now. I have been watching calories and carbs, as well as doing an exercise video that is from h***! I have lost 4 pounds, which isn't much, but its a start!

I have finally begun to feel more at ease with the diet. I started off craving something to chew on at all hours of the day. I have begun accustomed to eating out of boredom and I must stop that. The kids have started to learn my bad habits. Not good. Dallin has been exercising with me and everyone is eating better and consuming more appropriate portion sizes.

Its sad to think how bad I have become over the past decade or so with my eating habits. I am trying to reshape my thinking for the long term on how I am treating my body when I abuse it. I hate the way I look with all the weight and I hate the way I feel. I am trying to show a bit more self respect by taking better care of myself. Maybe I'll even get cute?! We'll see! wish me lots of luck. This is gonna take alot of work and whole lifetime of watching my weight.