Monday, December 19, 2011

Gonna miss my Dallin...

I am supposed to be packing right now... We are getting ready for a trip to Missouri. mom is moving up this week, so we are going with her to help out AND have a little vacation in the snow. I am sad because we decided that Grammie cannot stay there alone. We are leaving Dallin there to keep her company.

I have mixed feelings...

I know he'll be fine and so will we. And I am glad that he is so excited about starting school up there. He has had a hard time in school here with bullying. We are hoping that a move to the country will help that. A little extra time with Grammie alone would probably be beneficial for him, as well. She is good with him.

But, he's my (very large) baby. And I will hate being away from him.

For now I am trying to find him some warm clothes and pack up his belongings. I still need to get a warm coat, boots, and other things together. Not fun. But necessary.

Wish me luck!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Moving to Missouri...

Dan's company was planning a big move to Phoenix, AZ next summer and we were supposed to follow. But we had doubts. We had been wanting a farm, a lush and green farm, for so long. Moving to AZ seemed too far from what we wanted. So we bought a 40 acre farm in rural NW Missouri. Naturally. (Mom was in on it, too.)

We (Mom, Dan, 3 kids--2 stayed at Grandpa Segovia's--, and I) drove throughout western Missouri for a "trip" in October. Basically we just wanted to look at some of the properties we had been looking at online. One particular property caught all our eyes. Gentry, MO. We just needed to know if it was truly as nice as the pics and worth the asking price. (2500 sq ft home on 40 acres, listed at $115K)

It was love at first sight! We visited the property and knew we wanted to make a bid. Thank goodness the bid was accepted! We closed in November without any problems and currently are owners of a farm. Now we just need to move out there.

Dan is taking another position within the same company that will allow him to work from home with some travel. That will allow us to be in such a rural area (town with a population of 99). He needs to stick around in TX for a few more months to smooth things out. I think the kids and I will move over Spring Break (mid-March) before heading out. Mom is going ahead the end of this month. Dan may need to stay behind a few weeks after we go. Not sure yet...

Okay. I am super excited to have my dream farm! The house is in good condition, just needs decorative updating (stuck in the early 70s). There is a barn and nice garden setup. There is also already a hen house/run. I am drooling over my garden area (approx 5000 sq ft) and all the animals we will be able to have. Dog, rabbits, and chickens first. Then milk sheep, pasture pigs, and a milk cow. Maybe even some milk goats. Must. Wipe. Drool.

Self-sufficiency! Finally!