Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grandma McCray

We are leaving tomorrow morning for Snowflake, AZ. Dan's maternal grandmother, Jean McCray, passed away. Her passing has been more of a relief for her loved ones. She suffered terribly from illness for months and is now at peace. I can imagine that she is grateful to be with her dear eternal companion once again. She loved her boy and missed him these past 11 years. It is comforting to think that she had a good life, was a very righteous woman, and now can enjoy the fruits of her labors.

We are traveling out to be among the many, many loved ones at her services. The kids are excited to be present with all their other cousins there, all 17 from this line. We will also be able to have Halloween together. Grammie and Grandad will have their hands full of stinkers! We'll let you know how it all went.

Ike and aftermath

We survived hurricane Ike with no major damage. We had some fence down and a large tree limb to cut. Some of our friends were less fortunate. By and large, life is going back to normal for most. Many people here are still trying to get their lives and homes back, but they all seem positive.

During the storm we hung out with Aunt Sharon and her babies. The 10 kids had fun together, until the lights when out. They were hot and miserable, as were the mommies and daddies. But they survived. I think they will always remember most of the experience as fun.

Dan has had many opportunities to help out with the clean-up in the area. He ordered a very large chainsaw that has been put to good use. Many trees have been cleared using his new toy! Sharon and I were able to help out at a local Red Cross shelter a few weeks back. We cleaned (and sterilized) a playground and watched kids all day. But the highlight of the day was preventing a little boy from being molested by a teenager. We felt pretty good about that.

Everyone is doing good here. September and October were long and busy. Halloween is nearly here and we are ready! BOO!