Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I need a little more organization here...

I have been trying to get my home set in better order, but... 5 kids, a baby (that I watch in the day), and a mountain of laundry are not helping . I sadly slackened on the laundry pile this weekend and now its just that much bigger. AHH! So today is all about catching up on things.

Last week I made a chore chart for the kids to keep them motivated to take charge of their chores on their own. So far so good.

I need to purchase some stick-on hooks for each child. I am going to put them on the backs of their doors for their towels. They each have a towel with their names embroidered on them. Thanks, Elizabeth! Somehow these towels end up on the floor and in the laundry way too often! Like after one use. GRRR! I hope the hook idea helps.

I also plan to purchase some plastic bins (one for each room) to help with clean up in their rooms and other areas of the home. They can pack it full of items that do not belong in these rooms each day and transport them elsewhwere (where they belong). Hope it helps.

I am also going to do so some serious clothing donations this week! Those laundry piles are so huge and full of items we do not need. I have 3 large trashbags full already. The goal is to have 5 or more. But first, everything needs to be washed. And that's what I'll be doing for a few days... Jealous?

Monday, April 26, 2010

San Jacinto Battle Re-inactment, Sat. the 24th

Our Family attended the San Jacinto Battle re-inactment this Saturday as an early birthday outing for Zoe. We had lots of fun seeing the sights, like wagons...

And playing spoons while a guy played the harmonica...

Checking out how they lived then...

Admiring the monument and finding cool wares...

The kids preferred the attractions over the actual battle. Go figure! In the words of a naughty Emma, "I hate that part!". It was loud, but cool for Grammie, Mom, and Dad, though.

When the excitement was over, we headed back to the parking area. It was a long day and we had some tired kidos. They hopped aboard the wagon (loaded with a big ice chest and 4 folding chairs) and had Dad wheel them to the van. Poor Dad! We had fun overall.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls' Room Updates

For the Girls' Birthdays this month, I redid their room a bit. I am not finished, but I like how its turning out.

I repainted the room a medium to light pink. It had been light pink on top and pepto pink on the bottom. Yuck! We switched the beds, so the black one is in their newly designed room. I bought a new quilt ($40) and added a canopy like decoration behind the bed with tulle and decorative hangers. The tulle was free (thanks, Grammie) and the hangers were on sale at $1 each. The wire Eiffel Tower was only $4. The other items were already owned.

These last 2 pics are crafts that I made to go with the room, among may others that I am not posting.

The mirror cost me $1! I just purchased 5 sheets of cardstock. I owned the mirror, ribbin, and glue. I think it turned out well...

The 3 pictures were free. I just used craft paint and redid some wall art I once had in the kitchen. I still am not sure if I like them that much. I freehanded the letters. Is it okay, or should I do something else?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Haddock Horsewomen

Aubree (with her eyes closed, bummer!) went last, because she's such a sweetheart!

Zoe was the first one on! That girl has no fear!

Emma was enchanted! How fun!

Having Fun In Hockley, TX

Grammie took the three girls to visit a beau in Hockley yesterday. (She's gonna kill me for calling him a "beau" and not a "friend". LOL) Josh was kind enough to take the girls to visit his brother's horse and cows. The girls LOVED feeding the animals treats and riding the horse (well, they at least sat on the horse while it was walked around).
Even Grammie had to join in on the fun. Good thing she used to ride horses... he tried to buck her off! But she's a fiesty one. She dug in those knees and stayed on. I think that Josh was impressed! ;)

They even got to ride on the four-wheeler! Our little girls are ready to move to a farm now!

BTW, isn't he a nice looking man? Mom, I give you 2 thumbs up! And so do all 3 of your grandaughters! ;)

Emma, CrazyHorse

Emma is a horse freak. She has a TON of plastic horses, My Little Ponies, stuffed horsey animals, and stick horses. But REAL horses are just TOO COOL! Grammie took Emma to Hockley, TX last night and she was in "horsey heaven"! She fed the horse an apple, loved on him, and even got to ride him. Grammie says she a natural! She knows how to hold onto the "horn" (saddlehorn) and even grips with her knees pretty well. I think we have a natural horsewoman on our hands!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Fun

Yet again I am snagging photos from Sharon's blog. Let's face it. I stink at taking pictures and she rocks at it!
The kids had such a fun time with their cousins! They colored eggs, the Easter Bunny came, and they did an egg hunt with cousins. Too fun!

Bluebonnet Babies

All these photos were swiped from Aunt Sharon's blog. She took all these shots on Good Friday. We went for a short visit on Easter weekend. It was fun!