Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I need a little more organization here...

I have been trying to get my home set in better order, but... 5 kids, a baby (that I watch in the day), and a mountain of laundry are not helping . I sadly slackened on the laundry pile this weekend and now its just that much bigger. AHH! So today is all about catching up on things.

Last week I made a chore chart for the kids to keep them motivated to take charge of their chores on their own. So far so good.

I need to purchase some stick-on hooks for each child. I am going to put them on the backs of their doors for their towels. They each have a towel with their names embroidered on them. Thanks, Elizabeth! Somehow these towels end up on the floor and in the laundry way too often! Like after one use. GRRR! I hope the hook idea helps.

I also plan to purchase some plastic bins (one for each room) to help with clean up in their rooms and other areas of the home. They can pack it full of items that do not belong in these rooms each day and transport them elsewhwere (where they belong). Hope it helps.

I am also going to do so some serious clothing donations this week! Those laundry piles are so huge and full of items we do not need. I have 3 large trashbags full already. The goal is to have 5 or more. But first, everything needs to be washed. And that's what I'll be doing for a few days... Jealous?

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