Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grandma McCray

We are leaving tomorrow morning for Snowflake, AZ. Dan's maternal grandmother, Jean McCray, passed away. Her passing has been more of a relief for her loved ones. She suffered terribly from illness for months and is now at peace. I can imagine that she is grateful to be with her dear eternal companion once again. She loved her boy and missed him these past 11 years. It is comforting to think that she had a good life, was a very righteous woman, and now can enjoy the fruits of her labors.

We are traveling out to be among the many, many loved ones at her services. The kids are excited to be present with all their other cousins there, all 17 from this line. We will also be able to have Halloween together. Grammie and Grandad will have their hands full of stinkers! We'll let you know how it all went.

Ike and aftermath

We survived hurricane Ike with no major damage. We had some fence down and a large tree limb to cut. Some of our friends were less fortunate. By and large, life is going back to normal for most. Many people here are still trying to get their lives and homes back, but they all seem positive.

During the storm we hung out with Aunt Sharon and her babies. The 10 kids had fun together, until the lights when out. They were hot and miserable, as were the mommies and daddies. But they survived. I think they will always remember most of the experience as fun.

Dan has had many opportunities to help out with the clean-up in the area. He ordered a very large chainsaw that has been put to good use. Many trees have been cleared using his new toy! Sharon and I were able to help out at a local Red Cross shelter a few weeks back. We cleaned (and sterilized) a playground and watched kids all day. But the highlight of the day was preventing a little boy from being molested by a teenager. We felt pretty good about that.

Everyone is doing good here. September and October were long and busy. Halloween is nearly here and we are ready! BOO!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

School is Now in Session!

We started our first week of school amid illness and cranky babies. Somehow it all came together. We studied Ancient Egypt (3 weeks of studies), OT and PoGP, and Mammals among other things. The highlight of our week was our trip to the Zoo.

Although it was HOT as you know what, we were able to see some cool animals we have been studying and ride the Carousel. Aubree had written a 2nd grade paper on Cheetahs and got a front row ticket to see a Cheetah pair at the Zoo. She was so excited. Dallin's researched animal was not at our Zoo, unfortunately. He had written about the Echidna or Spiny Anteater. Oh, well.

Here are pics of the kids by an aquarium and Emma on a Carousel "Tortoise". Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seeing Reese and More

Last Thursday we were able to pick up Aunt Sheila and Reese from the airport and take her to Aunt Sharon's house. It was fun for all the cousins to play. Emma and Reese are getting along well and will be the best of buds someday. We even got a chance to visit on Friday, too. Fun.

While Mommy is in the hospital, Reese is staying with Sharon. It seems to be going well. A baby could NOT get any more attention anywhere else. She has constant entertainment and lots of people to love on her. I hear that she is eating well, sleeping well, and even went to Nursery class on Sunday. Big girl.

We will be beginning school on Friday, so I have been trying to ensure I have it all together. I am also trying to make sure I have the house more in order. My largest task is laundry. Yuck.

This past week we have had some "fun" mishaps that will NOt be fun paying for. Our AC went out on the van, after having had it "checked" one week prior. Isn't that nice? Last night our AC unit in our house leaked all over our brand new carpet. We tried using the carpet cleaner to suck up all the water. It was mostly dry, so we are hoping there will be no mold formation. Life is interesting, with never a dull moment.

Our babies:
Emma is a ham and a pincher. Last Friday she flirted for Evan every chance she got. Of course, he wanted to hold her constantly. She would bat her long eyelashes or laugh and ham it up. He didn't seem to mind. Her latest thing is to pinch and hit when she doesn't get her way. I am trying to teach her not to, but now she only hits back again. Isn't that precious?

Cole is working on "Potty Power" and not succeeding. I rented a video called "Potty Power" and he seems to enjoy it. We watched several times yesterday and I am hoping that today he'll be ready to put it into action. We will see how it goes.

Zoe is READY to start school. She cannot wait. She can read short vowel a words (3 letters). Her math is more advanced. Everyday she looks longingly at her school stuff and asks how many more days until she starts. She needs stimulation, or else she "finds" some elsewhere. (Like flour and water paste on the laminate floors or using permanent marker on her dolls faces.) Cute.

Aubree is sweet and pretty. She has been reading alot to win our summer reading contest. She has also been enjoying our swimming times. She has really become a little fish. She needs to be taught technique now. She has a true love of the water. Aubree is excited about school, but she really wants to start Co-op. She cannot wait to get her new Recorder.

Dallin loves to play video games and likes to swim. He has also been reading alot. He is excited about playing the Alto Sax this year. He has been driving me nuts with his constant desire to help me cook. I have been allowing him to help with breakfast and lunch. Soon enough he'll be helping with dinner.

That's about it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Boo-boo Baby!

Last night our little cutie baby had an accident. She was sitting in a small chair, when Cole ran by and knocked the chair over. She bit her top lip really badly. She also ripped the little piece of skin that attaches the upper gums to the top lip. She bled profusely and was very upset. She was comforted ONLY by Mommy giving her an ice cold baba. Her lip was so swollen and black last night that I wasn't sure if she'd be able to eat today. Her swollen lip was as big and round as her nose. She is fine today, of course. She has small scabs on her top lip and is still sore inside her mouth. She will heal nicely.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Summer Vacation

Okay, so I have not been too good at blogging this summer. We have been busy. We started with a long drive to Utah for a wedding/reunion with the Haddocks. Our Sandy is a married woman! Yeah! On the way up, our van bit it. We were able to drive it to Grantsville, UT (Dan's parents) & its still there. Sorry, Carol. The wedding went beautifully and the reunion was fun. The kids were with their cousins and Dan was able to wrestle with his brothers. Fun times.
Since our trip we have been entertaining ourselves at home. Alot of swimming. Alot. We have also had a few chances to play with Sharon's babes. We've been to the beach with our cousins and the pool. The 4th of July was fun. All ten kidos watched fireworks together. Emmy was brave, she loved it. Fireworks rock!
I have been busy entertaining kids and getting school materials together, because we will start on August 1st. I will be homeschooling Dallin (4th), Aubree (2nd), and Zoe (k). Wish me luck.
Love you all. Take care.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Introducing Chevy, Our New Rabbit!

He is so COOL! He has been trained to wander around the house and use his litter box when needed. He is social, active, and a snuggler. He even enjoys car rides! We are so excited to have such a fun, furry friend. This morning he jumped up on the couch and snuggled with the girls for a few minutes. Later I found him playing with a musical toy in Cole's room. He actual figured out that if he jumped on it, it would play music. He did it a couple of times. Cute boy!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Day of Church

Another week has rolled around much too quickly and it is the Sabbath once again. As usual, we all awoke by 7am (why not 8 or 9?) and lazily began our preparations for Church. Everyone bathed, ate, and dressed in their Sunday attire. Little girls' hair was fixed, snacks were prepared, and scriptures rounded up. The final inspection was made.

Of course, Dallin looked rumpled & messy in his nice black dress pants and white shirt. His pants fit in the waist, but they never seem to stay up where a normal waist would be. They may fit his waist, but look peculiar because they do not seem to fit in any other way. They are too long in the torso and legs. But that is what you get when your child's waist has expanded while the rest of him hasn't grown as fast. To top off the look, we found out too late that his shoes will no longer fit with ANY socks, so he wore tennis shoes. He couldn't find any of 3 ties and his belt no longer fits, so he went without both. Thank goodness his hair was buzzed, so his hair didn't look messy as well. That's my cute boy!

We arrived to Sacrament early, chased Cole a few times around the pews, and found our seats. I am pleasantly surprised that Cole was good for a whole 45 minutes. That last talk found him out in the foyer with Dad. Em slept and 3 bigger children behaved. I actually heard 75% of what was said. And that last 25% was my fault, I no longer have the attention span I once had.

The closing song is always my signal to leave because I am the Senior Nursery Leader. I arrived in class to find the previous ward still occupying it, so I waited for my opening to set up. I never get a chance to set up entirely before the kids arrive. It is very frustrating. The rest of class can be best described as "poopy". We had Em's constipation issues and a very messy emergency clean up. Basically we had poop smeared all over the bathroom and a child, got that cleaned up, and had a toilet overflow. Fun. The rest of class was fine.

After leaving Church late, we came home for lunch. Mom had taken Aubree and Zoe to visit my grandparents. Dallin entertained himself while Mom & Cole napped in one room and Dad & Em napped in another. That was an amazing phenomenon. We never both get naps, especially at the same time. Wow.

It is now dinner time and I do not know where the day went. At least I can say I got a nap for once. I will likely read more from the book "Mormon Scientist: The Life and Faith of Henry Eyring" by Henry J. Eyring. Dan got it as his B-Day present from his mommy & daddy. Very interesting.

And that's our day!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

That Tactless Toothfairy!

Dallin lost a tooth at Church this past Sunday. He was very excited to see how much the Toothfairy would bring this time. So Sunday night, he placed it under his pillow, just as he had always done.

Monday morning came with the realization that she did NOT come the previous night. "She must have had Mother's Day OFF!", he concluded. Mom and Dad agreed that this was probably the case.

That same day, he lost his tooth in the couch. "The Toothfairy always knows where to look," replied Mom to his worried request for help. "She will find it and leave your money under your pillow," Mom assured.

Tuesday morning and NO MONEY! He didn't complain. He decided that he would just find that tooth and try again. He, with Aubree's help, found that tooth and placed it under his pillow.

But by the time he is ready for bed, IT IS GONE, again!

Tears began to flow this time. "Mom, the Toothfairy took a night off and didn't bother to look for my tooth the next night. I decided to find it for tonight, and did, but now its GONE. She's never gonna look for it. What can I do?"

So Mom decided that a letter to the Toothfairy would help. She wrote it, because he was too upset. He placed it under his pillow and hoped. And this time Mom made sure that the Toothfairy left the dough.

The next morning he stomped out of his room. "Mom, she took the letter, but didn't leave me ANY money!"

Mom helped him look around the bed. And then he found it! A crisp, new ONE DOLLAR BILL!

For all that trouble she should have left him more!

Emma, the Walker

Over the past few weeks, our little Miss Em has been preparing to walk. She loves when Zoe "walks" her around the house and plays "ring-around-the-rosies" with her. She always anticipates the "we all fall down" part. Cute!

She has occasionally demonstrated her skills at walking 3 to 5 steps between Mom& Dad. Although lately she has been refusing to amuse her many admirers further. She obviously does NOT perform on demand.

But yesterday I caught her walking with ease from one toy to another. This, of course, was when she was unaware Mom was watching. The day before she even helped Aubree clean by walking over to the toy box to deposit a ball.

Apparently she CAN walk when she desires to do so. Now, there is little reason when there are so many willing helpers about. With a dainty point of the finger and bat of those long, lovely eyelashes, she is given anything or carried anywhere she desires. That's the life!

Hopefully she will be walking before we see Grammie & Grandad.