Wednesday, May 14, 2008

That Tactless Toothfairy!

Dallin lost a tooth at Church this past Sunday. He was very excited to see how much the Toothfairy would bring this time. So Sunday night, he placed it under his pillow, just as he had always done.

Monday morning came with the realization that she did NOT come the previous night. "She must have had Mother's Day OFF!", he concluded. Mom and Dad agreed that this was probably the case.

That same day, he lost his tooth in the couch. "The Toothfairy always knows where to look," replied Mom to his worried request for help. "She will find it and leave your money under your pillow," Mom assured.

Tuesday morning and NO MONEY! He didn't complain. He decided that he would just find that tooth and try again. He, with Aubree's help, found that tooth and placed it under his pillow.

But by the time he is ready for bed, IT IS GONE, again!

Tears began to flow this time. "Mom, the Toothfairy took a night off and didn't bother to look for my tooth the next night. I decided to find it for tonight, and did, but now its GONE. She's never gonna look for it. What can I do?"

So Mom decided that a letter to the Toothfairy would help. She wrote it, because he was too upset. He placed it under his pillow and hoped. And this time Mom made sure that the Toothfairy left the dough.

The next morning he stomped out of his room. "Mom, she took the letter, but didn't leave me ANY money!"

Mom helped him look around the bed. And then he found it! A crisp, new ONE DOLLAR BILL!

For all that trouble she should have left him more!

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Marcia said...

You're such a great writer. I'm jealous. You must be a great Home-school teacher. I could never do that.