Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Emma, the Walker

Over the past few weeks, our little Miss Em has been preparing to walk. She loves when Zoe "walks" her around the house and plays "ring-around-the-rosies" with her. She always anticipates the "we all fall down" part. Cute!

She has occasionally demonstrated her skills at walking 3 to 5 steps between Mom& Dad. Although lately she has been refusing to amuse her many admirers further. She obviously does NOT perform on demand.

But yesterday I caught her walking with ease from one toy to another. This, of course, was when she was unaware Mom was watching. The day before she even helped Aubree clean by walking over to the toy box to deposit a ball.

Apparently she CAN walk when she desires to do so. Now, there is little reason when there are so many willing helpers about. With a dainty point of the finger and bat of those long, lovely eyelashes, she is given anything or carried anywhere she desires. That's the life!

Hopefully she will be walking before we see Grammie & Grandad.

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