Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seeing Reese and More

Last Thursday we were able to pick up Aunt Sheila and Reese from the airport and take her to Aunt Sharon's house. It was fun for all the cousins to play. Emma and Reese are getting along well and will be the best of buds someday. We even got a chance to visit on Friday, too. Fun.

While Mommy is in the hospital, Reese is staying with Sharon. It seems to be going well. A baby could NOT get any more attention anywhere else. She has constant entertainment and lots of people to love on her. I hear that she is eating well, sleeping well, and even went to Nursery class on Sunday. Big girl.

We will be beginning school on Friday, so I have been trying to ensure I have it all together. I am also trying to make sure I have the house more in order. My largest task is laundry. Yuck.

This past week we have had some "fun" mishaps that will NOt be fun paying for. Our AC went out on the van, after having had it "checked" one week prior. Isn't that nice? Last night our AC unit in our house leaked all over our brand new carpet. We tried using the carpet cleaner to suck up all the water. It was mostly dry, so we are hoping there will be no mold formation. Life is interesting, with never a dull moment.

Our babies:
Emma is a ham and a pincher. Last Friday she flirted for Evan every chance she got. Of course, he wanted to hold her constantly. She would bat her long eyelashes or laugh and ham it up. He didn't seem to mind. Her latest thing is to pinch and hit when she doesn't get her way. I am trying to teach her not to, but now she only hits back again. Isn't that precious?

Cole is working on "Potty Power" and not succeeding. I rented a video called "Potty Power" and he seems to enjoy it. We watched several times yesterday and I am hoping that today he'll be ready to put it into action. We will see how it goes.

Zoe is READY to start school. She cannot wait. She can read short vowel a words (3 letters). Her math is more advanced. Everyday she looks longingly at her school stuff and asks how many more days until she starts. She needs stimulation, or else she "finds" some elsewhere. (Like flour and water paste on the laminate floors or using permanent marker on her dolls faces.) Cute.

Aubree is sweet and pretty. She has been reading alot to win our summer reading contest. She has also been enjoying our swimming times. She has really become a little fish. She needs to be taught technique now. She has a true love of the water. Aubree is excited about school, but she really wants to start Co-op. She cannot wait to get her new Recorder.

Dallin loves to play video games and likes to swim. He has also been reading alot. He is excited about playing the Alto Sax this year. He has been driving me nuts with his constant desire to help me cook. I have been allowing him to help with breakfast and lunch. Soon enough he'll be helping with dinner.

That's about it.

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