Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Summer Vacation

Okay, so I have not been too good at blogging this summer. We have been busy. We started with a long drive to Utah for a wedding/reunion with the Haddocks. Our Sandy is a married woman! Yeah! On the way up, our van bit it. We were able to drive it to Grantsville, UT (Dan's parents) & its still there. Sorry, Carol. The wedding went beautifully and the reunion was fun. The kids were with their cousins and Dan was able to wrestle with his brothers. Fun times.
Since our trip we have been entertaining ourselves at home. Alot of swimming. Alot. We have also had a few chances to play with Sharon's babes. We've been to the beach with our cousins and the pool. The 4th of July was fun. All ten kidos watched fireworks together. Emmy was brave, she loved it. Fireworks rock!
I have been busy entertaining kids and getting school materials together, because we will start on August 1st. I will be homeschooling Dallin (4th), Aubree (2nd), and Zoe (k). Wish me luck.
Love you all. Take care.

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