Saturday, August 9, 2008

School is Now in Session!

We started our first week of school amid illness and cranky babies. Somehow it all came together. We studied Ancient Egypt (3 weeks of studies), OT and PoGP, and Mammals among other things. The highlight of our week was our trip to the Zoo.

Although it was HOT as you know what, we were able to see some cool animals we have been studying and ride the Carousel. Aubree had written a 2nd grade paper on Cheetahs and got a front row ticket to see a Cheetah pair at the Zoo. She was so excited. Dallin's researched animal was not at our Zoo, unfortunately. He had written about the Echidna or Spiny Anteater. Oh, well.

Here are pics of the kids by an aquarium and Emma on a Carousel "Tortoise". Enjoy!


Shirlee said...

hi amie i saw this cool thing on someone's blog that i thought would be cool for your blog. if you go to mine then click on carly and tyler marsh and from theirs click on kitchenditcher or the mcewens you will see they have this fish bowl and if you click on it it will feed the fish inside... pretty cute i thought!

Logan & Lindy said...

Hi Amie!!!. I dont know if you remember me from St. George at Sandys Wedding. It was good to visit with you a little and meet you and your cute kids!!! I am glad you have a blog so I can stay in touch with my cousins!!! My blog is private so email me so I can invite you to my blog.