Saturday, April 17, 2010

Having Fun In Hockley, TX

Grammie took the three girls to visit a beau in Hockley yesterday. (She's gonna kill me for calling him a "beau" and not a "friend". LOL) Josh was kind enough to take the girls to visit his brother's horse and cows. The girls LOVED feeding the animals treats and riding the horse (well, they at least sat on the horse while it was walked around).
Even Grammie had to join in on the fun. Good thing she used to ride horses... he tried to buck her off! But she's a fiesty one. She dug in those knees and stayed on. I think that Josh was impressed! ;)

They even got to ride on the four-wheeler! Our little girls are ready to move to a farm now!

BTW, isn't he a nice looking man? Mom, I give you 2 thumbs up! And so do all 3 of your grandaughters! ;)

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