Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Maddi Cakes

I have been watching little Maddi for over a week now. She has a sweet and friendly disposition. Yesterday she showed me her "fiesty" side for a bit, but overall she is a very good baby. Its fun to have a cute little bundle to kiss.

I have been suprised at how well Emma is taking it. She only acts jealous occasionally (like when I try to rock the baby in the rocking chair). Otherwise, she tends to mostly ignore her. Cole loves having the baby around. He seems to be the baby's favorite daytime person. Although she LOVES Aubree and Zoe. But they only see her in the mornings.

Cole and I gave Maddi the nickname "Maddi Cakes". He thinks it is SO funny! She hasn't complained about it, so I think its a keeper. We love having her here!

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We, the Wells said...

oh my gosh that's what we call madeline, ha ha!