Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cole Turns 5!

Yesterday was Cole's 5th Birthday. He made sure to declare himself King of the Day. Thank goodness his siblings were nice about it. At lunchtime we headed to Mc D's for some Happy Meals and friends. He had a great time playing with his buddies Alana, Ariana, Scott, Brooklyn, Stevie, and David. And, of course, his own siblings came. For dinner we had corndogs and cheese puffs (Cole's choice, Yum?!). we watched Alice in Wonderland for the first time and liked it. Although, Emma was a bit scared.

Tomorrow he will be having fun at his POOL PARTY! He is so excited to swim with his friends and eat cake with icecream. ...And open presents! I am picking up a pinata today to stuff and we are ready to go! I am so glad that he is so enthused. This will be his first official birthday party. Usually we just have fun with the family. But this is such a big birthday! He'll be starting Kindergarten in the Fall! Woohoo!
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