Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's only been about 8 months...

... since I last posted! We are all doing well. We have had a good start on our Summer with lots of swimming at the Y and a nice trip to San Antonio to see our cousins. Rivers rock! We went to play in the Guadalupe River with the Texas Arnolds and it was a blast! This week we are without our Daddy and Dallin, though. Mom and the other babies miss our big boys. Dan will be home for a brief spell before leaving for Scout Camp. And Dallin should be home soon from taking a trip up to Indiana with Grammie. I miss my boys!


Dallin is done with school for a spell. Yeah! He did great with his Virtual Public school and he will start again in August as a 5th grader! He will also move up to Intermediate band. He plays Alto Sax. He will be finished with his Arrow of Light any time now (1/2 activity badge left) and can move on up to Boy Scouts soon. Cool!

Aubree is learning to play violin and taking art lessons. She was baptized in April and enjoys being involved in Activity Day girls. She will also be doing the Virtual Public school this fall as a 3rd grader.

Zoe is working on reading and excelling in Math. She is also taking art lessons and is drooling over the thought of playing violin the next year. Being 6 is awesome. She is awaiting the day she will lose her first tooth, so she can be cute like cousin Carlee.

Cole is 4 and is so excited to be big! He is working on Pre-K materials and will be starting Choir this fall. He is getting that much closer to swimming like a true Haddock fishee. He is getting bigger, but he's still mommy's lover-boy.

Emma is sassy and fun. This is one BOSSY little girl! She loves giving her opinion on everything, especially which radio station/ song she wishes to listen to. She loves being the baby and is very good at it. She is getting to be quite a big girl. She is just about ready to be fully potty trained and Mom is excited! No more diapers!

Kiwi, our Shitzu, is spunky and little. She and Emma match in temperment. Her latest conquest involved the death of our neighbors pet chicken (who has a CHICKEN in a residential neighborhood?). When her boy, Dallin, was viciously attacked by a young chicken (it landed on his head), she ran to the rescue and took care of the situation. Poor little chicken, he didn't have a chance. She was proud of herself. Dan was actually quite proud, too. Although it stunk to have to return a dead chicken carcass to a crying 7 year old girl.

Dan has been heavily involved with Scout stuff (preparing for summer camp) and is about ready for camp to be over with already. He has been serving with gusto and the boys adore him. Work is going well, but he gets stir-crazy. He has too much McCray in him... he hungers for 10+ acres of good smelling dirt!

Amie is busy with stinky babies EVERYWHERE! If its not dealing with her own five or serving in the Ward Primary presidency, its dealing with Cubscouts, Activity Day girls, or teaching music at a local Day Care. I enjoy kids... well, most of the time. Its what I am good at.

See why I rarely post? I am too long-winded!

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lizzabug said...

cute, i stopped looking because nobody ever put new posts. i didn't know dallin played sax.