Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kitchen Improvements Thus Far...

Here's what was accomplished over the weekend. We (mainly Dan) installed 3 base cabinets, new laminate countertops, a new sink, a new faucet, and a new garbage disposer. It was ALOT of work, but it looks great, even at this unfinished stage.
It is 100% functioning now, so we will just have to work on the rest a little at a time. Dan is out of town right now. He left for Venezuela for 11 days last night.
I will probably paint the cabinets the rest of the way and reinstall all the doors this week. The trim on the backsplash will need to be painted, properly trimmed, and installed when Dan gets back. Minor touch-ups in paint on the walls will be finished by myself this weekend. It all looks so nice. I am having a Pampered Chef party tomorrow night to show some friends the current changes. Yeah!

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