Friday, August 12, 2011

Preparing My Garden...

The last few days I have been getting my exercise the good old-fashioned way. I have been doing a lot of prep work for my Fall garden. Lots of digging, weeding, hoeing, and mulching in our super hot weather has definitely caused me to sweat. But it feels good to be so productive.

I have a new compost bin started that I feel proud of. I was able to find some nice shipping pallets (for free) to make a 3-sided box with. So far I have just put some old grass that has been up-rooted and some newspaper in the pile. I still have a basic yard debris pile that I need to go through and get the good stuff put in my mulch bin and the woodier, larger pieces put in a separate pile. I am debating whether I may rent a mulcher/shredder for that stuff.

I have my garden bed hoed and mulched so far. I want to add some more mulch in the next day or so, though. It just still looks too sandy. I am probably going to start a shadier bed for my peas, cucumbers, and some of my herbs closer to the house. I need to get that set up.

The heirloom seeds I had ordered came in last week. I also purchased some herb and edible flower seeds, as well. I cannot wait to start sowing! I will be starting a few things indoors and a few things in the bed the week the kids go back to school (Aug 22).

I hope that I can get a good yield. I have been reading all about raising the veggies and herbs I have selected. I plan to do crop-rotation, companion planting, and square-foot gardening techniques. I've got my nerdy garden journal started with all my dates and mapped out plans. Wish me luck!

P.S. Emma has already been praying for our garden. Hope that gives me an extra good start. :)

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