Wednesday, January 27, 2010

General Update on The Fam

I am no longer homeschooling. I could keep it up, but I just feel that for now that this is best for our family. Dallin is a fifth grader and doing well overall. He still has issues, mainly will the kids being generally cruel, but he is learning to cope. Poor kid. Aubree and Zoe are in third and first grades this year and loving it. Aubree is such a good student. She brought home a report card with all A+. She even had 100 on one subject. Zoe is having a hard time with reading and spelling, but she was developmentally delayed on her speech, so that's kinda normal. She works hard and LOVES her teacher. She'll catch up. Cole will begin school next Fall and cannot wait. He enjoys playing with his BF, Scott and being with Grammie. Emma is our fiesty little princess. She loves being home with Mommy and enjoys seeing Grammie regularly. Next month I will be watching a beautiful little baby girl, Maddison (Maddi). Her mommy heads back to work as a teacher and Maddi will be in my care during school hours. She will NOT like me at first, but I am excited. I'll get me baby fix. Dan has been hating work (he is so antsy when he's been somewhere awhile), but he's been working hard for his family. He still dreams of his farm. One day... I have been doing home projects and still do not seem to ever het ahead of housework, even without homeschooling. Thats about it.

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