Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Anniversary

Dan and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary tonight. Its hard to believe that its been 12 years since our wedding. I scheduled a sitter a week or more ago and we still had no definite plans as we walked out the door. We ended up seeing Avatar 3-D, which we loved. Afterward, we just picked up chinese take-out. When did we get so lame? I guess that's what old, fat people do... ;)

Dan made the joke that we are getting behind. We had 5 kids by our 10th anniv., so naturally we should have 6 now, right? Haha. Funny. I am not even ready to consider whether or not I will have another. When and if the time is right, i will know. Its just not now.

Reflections Upon the Past 12 Years:

We've made some mistakes, but getting married is not one. We have struggled along with finances, schooling, callings, illnesses, and raising a family. But the important thing is that we did it together and grew in unity. I still look at my now plump husband (I'm no looker myself now) and see that hot, cute boy I fell in love with. And more. Now I see the hard worker he is, intelligent, patient, and loving. He has served with all his heart and soul in his priesthood positions and has been such a wonderful father and husband, as well. And he stills makes me giggle. He is my love. And he always will be.

To all those people that advised me against getting married to this young man: I am glad that we, as a unified team, proved you wrong! :P

To all those soliciting unwanted advice about when we should start our family, because its better to "wait and have fun first": Your advice might have cost me my eldest son, and :P on you!

I am going to bed tonight feeling very grateful for my loving husband and to my Father in Heaven for sending him my way. I am also thankful for my 5 stinkers, 2 of which are already asleep in our bed, waiting to make me into a "mommy sandwich" (they have heat-seeking mommy sensors that always find me no matter where I am). At least I never have to sleep alone. ;)

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