Thursday, May 19, 2011

Slow Progression

I have still been doing well with the diet and exercising. I have lost 8 lbs, but gained muscle. I must admit that I feel a little bummed that all this work has only affected the scale this much, but I have lost fat off my waist, thighs, bum, and arms. I am much more toned, but still rather fluffy. I knew it'd be slow going.

At least I feel more motivated to exercise daily and eat right. I still do not like to be around treats (like cake, cookies, brownies, etc.), but the desire is definitely not the same. And my stomach capacity has shrunk. I do not eat as much as I did and simply do not need to.

I just wish it didn't take so much time and effort to get it off. But it took time to gain all this weight, right? So it'll take time to take it off. And I shouldn't be so worried about appearances. I need to stay focused on improving my overall health... Sigh!

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Angela said...

You know I lost 40lbs last year. This year I've lost nothing. But I haven't gained. I did start working out though consistently in January and since I stopped losing weight I've dropped 2 sizes. So it does balance out. It is slow but it is so worth it to get healthier for yourself and your family!