Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I haven't posted in some time. I am trying to do better once again. It is now May, which means the kids are nearly finished with their current school year.
Dallin (12) is in the 6th grade at Victory Lakes Intermediate. He has been taking Pre-AP classes in math, social studies, science, and language arts. Lets just say its been a busy year with LOTS of homework.
Aubree is currently in the 4th grade at Gilmore Elementary and doing a fabulous job. Her current progress report had an 89 and she was so distraught. It is not uncommon for her to have 100s on her report card! Obviously she is a very diligent student.
Zoe is currently in the 2nd grade at Gilmore. She is a very good student and works very hard. She is doing much better at reading and just turned 8! Woohoo! Her baptism is scheduled shortly with cousin Carlee! And might I add we have a good chance to see Grammie and Grandad there...
Cole is finishing up his year as a Kindergartener. He has proven to be a very good student and has been blessed with the best teacher ever! I am so glad that his school career has started on such a postitive note. He rarely comes home with behavioral marks! And he truly loves his teacher.
I am one proud momma, all around! My babies have done well this year and never cease to amaze me with their goodness!
Dan is doing well at work... really well! He was just promoted to the Lab Manager with a nice pay raise! He has also just found out that the lab he works in is being transfered to Phoenix, AZ sometime within the next 2 years... that means some serious changes for these Texas Haddocks. But we say... BRING IT ON!

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